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Heavy polishing machine - Wimatech D 01
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Heavy polishing machine - Wimatech D 01

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Heavy polishing machine is device served to the mechanical preparation of hobnailed surface of the edge, before sticking - by using of gum-wire brushes, felt blocks or abrasive paper assembled on special clench shields. One makes heavy polishing to remove the facing layer of natural skins and the laxity of the filaments of the proper skin on the whole surface hobnailed edge. The device is equipped in the ventilator to the pull-off of the dust, strainer core and container on formed dust and shavings.

Technical specification
width 1150 mm
depth 850 mm
height 1300 mm
height with the tripod 1850 mm
netto weight
100 kg
power of the engine 2,2 kW
power of the ventilator 1,2 kW
1400 / 2800 rounds / min
380V / 50Hz