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Hobnailing machine USM / CW001Dekoracja skóry na blaty mebli, do renowacji

Hobnailing and moulding machine for tips of the shoe - Brust
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Hobnailing and moulding machine for tips of the shoe - Brust

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Steered by computer machine to hobnailing and moulds tips of the shoe PM 987 produced by Brustia company
• Compact machine engine with reduced sizes (mainly the width) assuring the easy installation even in small rooms.
• The microprocessor is steering functions and working of this machine. By limitation length of the cycle, efficiency crosses 200 steams / the hour.
• Inclination of machine and ergonomic arrangement of units steering in the significant way facilitate service .
• The machine makes possible planning the cycle of the work on the steering monitor by the function of facing: the power of trickery and the times of opening of pliers (tightening, the lock of the Teflon -Coated yoke, sticking, etc), disconnection of certain processes (injection moulding, closing the Teflon -Coated, itp. yoke) and the full sequence of the assembly.
• Machine can keep in her memory and use 100 programmes of productive cycles in the any time, (that is 100 products). Warnings and information will appear about the potential average in the case of the break of the work of machine engine, on the display. These signals come in useful to limiting the times of the standstills of machine and the number of repairs executed by technicians.

On the order machine engine can be equipped with optional accessories, such us:
• the automatic module to sticking hot
• device to editing of the tips of shoes and joints
• horizontal naciąg of pliers "5"
• rotatory ticks "5"
• buttons to opening individual pliers
• the optical projector.

Technical specification
height 1900 mm
width 1100 mm
depth 1700 mm
admission electric 220/380V-50Hz-3 phazes
admission pneumatic 6 bar
power steering 0,75 kW
power of heaters 1,65 kW
power of the engine 2,2 kW
power 4,6 kW
1600 pairs / 8 hours
netto weight
1310 kg